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Lunch at Munich International School

Lunch at MIS

  • Children get to choose between two different lunch options. Each meal includes 1 main meal, 1 salad, 1 dessert/fruit.

  • In 1st grade of Junior School, the children are taken to fixed tables in the cafeteria, where the ordered food is ready. 

  • From 2nd grade on, food is served on trays in the free-flow serving area.

  • Senior School students have the additional option to buy food spontaneously at a kiosk in the LADC wing.


Registration and Forms

Please print these forms and send them to:
Organic Garden School Nutrition GmbH - Carola Petrone, Gautinger Straße 38, 82234 Wessling
or by e-mail (pdf) to: or by fax to: 08153-90997887.


With the subscription lunch is booked on fixed days of the week.


With “Pay As You Eat" lunch is served without pre-ordering in the free-flow system.


Already part of Organic Garden
School Nutrition?

Quality and variety

At Munich International School we cook fresh meals daily under the direction of our chef Christian Schöler.

Additionally, our cafeteria offers smoothies, warm snacks and various salads from organic agriculture. Our sweets are fair trade certified.
The new coffee bar provides homemade snacks like toasties, bagles, cakes and cakepops.


Contact us

We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please call us at 089 621894 00 or leave us a message via contact form.

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Cancelling a meal 

Cancellation of lunch is generally not possible. In case of illness and school absences, the meal can be canceled from the second week .. In the case of half days, school vacations and holidays when children do not participate in the lunch system, Organic Garden School Nutrition GmbH marks these days in the system. No cancellations of meals are necessary.

Cash terms

We do not offer cash payment.

Cold Water 

is available in the Cafeteria throughout the day, free of charge. We are encouraging students/ parents and staff to re-use their drinking bottles. 

Debiting system

The debiting system in the subscription program will start at the beginning of each semester. The amount of the withdrawal can be gathered from our price list on our website. In your bank account you may find the information "Mittagessen MIS", booking number and date of birth of your child. We do not offer any cash payment. The payment will be taken from your Bank account one week before the start of the new semester.

Dietary needs/ Allergies 

Please contact Organic Garden School Nutrition GmbH directly in order to talk about an individualized menu plan. Call: 08753-90 99 78 0 

ldentification in the Cafeteria 

The school card must be brought from 5th grade to the cafeteria every time for identification reason. We reserve the right to charge a fee of 0,50 € per each booking for not having a card with you. 


Log into your child's account. Click on "account" of the left hand side of the page. Scroll down to the last debit date. There will be an "i" icon. Click it and your receipt will appear. 

lllness/ absence 

Cancellation of lunch is generally not possible. In case of illness and school absences, the meal can be canceled from the second week.

Limit for Kiosk 

Cold lunches/ coffee/ snacks/fruit etc. - These items can be purchased with your card as weil. You are able to regulate this costs by choosing a limit per day for kiosk items. For controlling the limit per day please fill in your individual amount in the registration forms.

Lost card 

Please write immediately to school Executive Office and 
"" to avoid any misuse and order a new schoolcard at school office.

New school year 

The registration is automatically renewed for the new school year unless you have handed in the 
"Amendment" form per Email to 

Overdraft loan 

lf the account balance falls below zero and to ensure that in this case the lunch card continues to work, II Cielo provides "Overdraft loan" in the amount of 300€ in the pay-as-you-eat and in the amount of 200€ in the subscriptions program (please note this loan is only visible at the cash register). lf used, you will be debited this "overdraft amount" on the next billing day. In the pay-as-you-eat program the accounts are balanced twice a month around the 75th and the 30th.

Ordering a meal 

Pre-ordering of the meal is only possible for "Pay as You Eat" For ordering a meal please log in to your personal account. Change the number in the menu from „0" to ,,l" and leave your account by the button „checkout". Then click the red button „to pay" to confirm the order. The choosen days for lunch will be marked in green. Registration of lunch is possible at your personal account two week sprior at the earliest or latest by 09:00 a.m. on the same day.


Please print the suitable forms and send them signed to: 
Organic Garden School Nutrition GmbH, Gautinger Str. 38, 82234 Wessling via e-mail: or via fax: 08753-90997887 

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